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Meshola -- web based mesh content creation

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To get started see the Hello, Stairs example.

The API for Meshola is currently in early Alpha, with one basic shape and one template. The API itself is accessed via the url

The flow is commands and XML in, files out. The files may be other XML or they may be FBX mesh files.

For purposes of generating meshes there are two different ways to use the API.

The documentation for the API is located here.

  1. Send in the XML for what is referred to as a 'basic shape'. Currently the 'panel' is the only basic shape, but there are plans to develop many more. You can send in XML for a single shape or a list of shapes.
  2. Send in the XML for what is referred to as a 'template'. A template is a composite shape that 'compiles' into one or more basic shapes. The first template is a set of stairs. Templates have properties that make sense for what they generate. In the case of a simple set of stairs, the number of stairs, how much distance between them and the rise and run as well as the materials used are all properties. There will hopefully be many templates for many different kinds of complex shapes.

There is a .NET library to help with generation of the XML available via NuGet named Meshola.Library.ShapeTemplateLib.

This library is open source with an unlicense, you can fetch it from github at