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Polygon Clipping In CSharp

Source code for this project is in GitHub. It's public domain code.

C# implementation of the Greiner Polygon Clipping Algorithm

I needed a polygon clipper for the project and found this one. I used this one because not only did it have psuedo code in the actual paper but someone had written a version in C back in 1999. This code is actually a port from the C code.

Note: This implementation assumes that all points are positive. There is a note in the 'test' routine, which checks for an intersection of a ray and a polygon, on the simple change needed to handle negative point values.

The paper is located here


The project with the C code is located here


The directory PolygonClip contains the 2 classes used for the project, and a Windows Form project demonstrates how to call the class.

Hope this solves a problem for you :-)