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Meshola is a project to assist in the creation of complex meshes to be used for mesh consumers, be they VR applications, games, or visualizations. The idea is that there are many objects in the world (chairs, tables, room layouts, bowls) whose design is based on a pattern of some sort. The goal for Meshola is to provide templates for many different kinds of objects that are modifyable, so there would be a template for a chair but the properties of the chair would be modifiable, so that many different unique chair shapes could be produced based on that pattern.

The primary workflow for the site would be the modification of parameters for an object with a download via an FBX file, which would then be loaded into Blender, or Unity, or any other consumer that can read that format.

There are two ways to use the site. One is to use the drawing tools associated with the Layout Editor, which will let you create walls that can contain holes. This will let you sketch walls, specfify their width, any holes in the wall meshes that you'd like, and download them as an FBX file. If you have set up an account you can also save and retrieve these.

The second method is to generate XML containing shapes and use the API to retrieve an FBX file. The API & Applications page contains instructions on how to do that. There is a Hello, Stairs sample program that shows how to invoke the API. This sample makes use of the library available via NuGet.